Twitter Knows Best? (Probably Not)

Twitter has recently changed the way content is presented to you; instead of a simple chronological timeline where the latest tweets appear at the top of the heap, now by default they employ a sophisticated algorithm to guess what you want to see - the "best tweets" - based on what you've been most interested in lately. Sometimes you may even see a tweet or two from somebody you don't follow!

This is a little perplexing, because one of the tacit pillars of social media is trusting the network of friends and acquaintances you have built to prioritize content for you. This is the point of retweeting.

For people who don't use the timeline regularly but instead rely on saved searches, this is not a big deal, because those are still displayed chronologically. However, for those who use lists or regularly follow live-tweets of events, press conferences, and committees, it is very problematic.

So let's see how to fix it.

First, go to your Settings by clicking on your portrait near the top right corner of your browser window.


Next, uncheck the box next to Show me the best Tweets first.

Don't forget to Save changes.

Now your timeline should display in chronological order, same as always. Happy tweeting.