Five Simple Rules For Digital Success

For an organization unfamiliar with digital advertising, the process can seem unfamiliar and inscrutable. While the medium may be relatively new, it's still all about the message. Here are five broad guidelines I recommend and try to abide by for every digital campaign:

  1. Start early. It's important to begin laying out your digital strategy as soon as possible. Text, video, and right-sized images for digital ad campaigns take time to create and more time to be approved by ad networks. Better to have everything ready early than play catch-up on your cause or issue.
  2. Define a goal. The most successful digital campaigns start with a clear goal, and everything flows forth from it. What message do you want to express? Who is your audience? How, specifically, do you want them to respond - should they call their legislator, or sign a petition, or donate money? The clearer the goal, the easier it is to measure and meet.
  3. Aim carefully. What do you already know about your audience? Simple geographic targeting is just the beginning. Where are they likely to fall in age, or income, or interests? Putting thought into targeting brings down your costs and makes sure your money is spent, as exclusively as possible, on reaching people who can help you accomplish your stated goal. 
  4. Read reports. Simple reports on an ad campaign's performance can be reassuring (hopefully), but they may also help you discover new attributes of your audience and identify trends you can carry from digital to other marketing areas.
  5. Stay engaged. It's easy to let your attention lapse and allow your monthly spend to drift along indefinitely once a campaign is up and running, but for best results, maintain communication with your vendor just like you would with your audience - by working together, you can respond quickly to changing trends, current events, and emerging developments related to your cause or issue.