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Smart digital strategy for candidates & causes



We Met In The Air provides Louisiana-based candidates and organizations with:

  • Custom targeted digital search campaigns
  • Custom targeted digital display campaigns
  • Custom targeted social media campaigns
  • Content design and creation
  • Website creation and maintenance

Speak now.

In an era of 24-hour news and ever-present social media, more voices than ever are crowding the competition for first and last word on every topic imaginable. Not all of them are on your side. That's why it's crucially important to control the conversation around your cause or candidate. Whether you're looking to increase name recognition, organize a coalition, or reinforce issues-based positions, there is no venue more important today than digital presence.

Our digital campaigns offer unique flexibility to quickly capitalize on strategic advantages and respond to emergent issues in minutes, not days.

Voters are searching for you.

There's a tide of change sweeping through political advertising.

Increasingly, voters turn to digital sources to learn about candidates and causes, discover like-minded supporters, check facts, and even to find out when and where to register or vote. This is especially true among prospective voters from ages 18 to 34, for whom television and conventional print media are relatively unimportant.

We Met In The Air will help shape the perception of your cause or candidate, drive growth of your fundraising and mailing lists, and displace opposition information.

Cover your bases (and nobody else's).

Whereas television ad buys frequently cover voters outside your scope - and even outside your state - digital campaigns can be targeted to individual counties/parishes, cities, districts, or ZIP codes. This means you can rest easy knowing your money will only be spent reaching people who can vote for you - no more and no less.

Need to specifically target mothers who are interested in hunting with a YouTube video ad about your candidate's commitment to school safety in your congressional district? What about targeting young, single men in the Energy Corridor with a message about supporting career training for oilfield workers? Sure, we can do that. And we can track and report results and adjust spending and targeting dynamically in response.

A well-crafted digital campaign from We Met In The Air is an indispensable companion to a television campaign. It can speak to voters on relevant issues, change quickly in response to trends, provide an effective call to action, and remain useful and effective from the beginning of a campaign until polls close.

Let's get to work.

We Met In The Air maintains a small active client list in order to provide unparalleled availability and responsiveness. We work readily with campaign / organization staff and consultants alike. Reach out as early as possible in your campaign cycle so we can lay the groundwork for your digital success.



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